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Surveillance Dynamics: Practical Tools, Tactics, and Techniques [5-Day]

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From law enforcement to physical penetration testing, being able to perform physical surveillance is an essential component of any successful operation. This intensive five-day course is designed to take green surveillants and give them the skills necessary to start working in the sphere of surveillance. This class is designed with extreme emphasis on progressive practical exercises to build competence. The first two days focus on technical surveillance skills where students can expect to greatly increase their camera craft.

The next three days focus on traditional surveillance tradecraft as they apply the content they learned the previous days and layering in new skills during practical application exercises and skill building drills. Students will work during day and night hours and will be pitted against role players both unskilled and skilled in counter-surveillance.


Requirements and Prerequisites:

Please check the weather forecast for the location the class is being held during the scheduled week of class.  Be aware that students will spend segments of course outside, sometimes during night hours, so please come prepared with a jacket, hat, and gloves.  Closed toed shoes are also a requirement.  Apparel and shoes should be comfortable enough for walking distances of up to a mile over either paved or unpaved ground.

Students who are not comfortable with walking unassisted for periods of that duration over uneven ground may still participate in class.  Please make Red Team Alliance aware of any special conditions or accommodations necessary and we are happy to work with you so as to ensure a successful and rewarding learning experience.

  • SURV-5

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