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[Hosted Class] Medical Intervention for Traumatic Situations

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Hosted Classes are hosted at an Red Team Alliance facility but not taught by Red Team Alliance staff or instructors.

Comprehension and implementation of advanced minor/major medical and surgical techniques required for emergency traumatic situations. This 4-day course will prepare you with the knowledge and practical skills to diagnose, manage and treat emergency situations that require immediate medical intervention. This course is designed for individuals without any prior medical knowledge or experience. Upon completion of the class, each student will be given a Medical Kit with all of the relative gear associated with the medical interventions learned.

Note: Please be advised, this class incorporates training modules which feature real tissue.  Students may be asked to interact with and handle animal organs.



  • Basic/intermediate anatomy
  • Common injuries and disease
  • Medical/trauma pathology recognition, diagnosis, treatment and management
  • Advanced life support
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) algorithm
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) algorithm
  • Pre-Hospital Trauma Management (PHTM)
  • Airway issues recognition, treatment and management
  • Systemic circulation anatomy and pathology
  • Cardiac traumatic injuries
  • Thoracic traumatic injuries
  • Abdominal traumatic injuries
  • Major bleeding recognition, treatment and management
  • Trauma recognition, treatment and management
  • Mass casualty management: Levels of Life (LOL)
  • Tourniquet application and management
  • Gunshot Wound (GSW) treatment
  • Physics associated with different ballistics and tissue damage
  • Tactical Combat Critical Care (TCCC) algorithm
  • Live drill on real tissue for GSW to the thoracic cavity
  • Field amputation of an unsalvageable limb
  • Basic and intermediate suturing techniques and skin stapling
  • Managing your Medical Kit, breakdown of all gear

Upon completion of the course, each student will have the knowledge and practical skills to recognize and treat the following traumatic situations with respective indications:

  • Needle chest decompression for Tension Pneumothorax
  • Cricothyrotomy for failed airway
  • Chest tube thoracostomy
  • Tourniquet placement and management for uncontrolled bleeding
  • Application of occlusive dressing for traumatic open pneumothorax
  • Endotracheal intubation for compromised airway and spontaneous breathing
  • Mass casualty triage



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