Exigent Entry: Rapid Entry Techniques for First Responders [1-Day, Restricted]

Exigent Entry: Rapid Entry Techniques for First Responders [1-Day, Restricted]

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This course is restricted to Fire Service, EMS, Paramedic, LEOs, or other first responders and related personnel due to its steeply discounted price.  Employment verification typically handled in the form of a work email address or by RTA contacting your station house or department.  If you are curious as to whether you are a qualifying individual, do not hesitate to reach out to RTA an inquire about eligibility.


Red Team Alliance is proud to announce a specialized Exigent Entry training course (which we're told that folk in the industry have nicknamed, "Things to Try Before You Pry") geared towards first responders and emergency personnel.  Access to this class, which is offered at a special  deeply discounted rate, is restricted to those whose job duties entail the need to quickly and cleanly enter facilities in order to protect the public from risk of grave injury or loss of life.  Red Team Alliance is always deeply gratified to learn of first responders and rescue workers who use these skills to access persons who are in distress while positioned behind locked doors.

Unlike other Methods of Entry courses available, this class focuses heavily on bypass techniques that can be engaged under stress, while wearing PPE or turnout gear, and often without the need for fine motor control.

Mechanical locking systems are explored and even some popular electronic access control systems are discussed, when the attacks against them are within the scope of individuals whose career consists of something other than being a specialized entry technician.


  • Wafer Lock Attacks
  • Warded Lock Attacks
  • Bumping and Snapping Attacks
  • Specialty Fasteners
  • Key Box Non-Destructive Entry
  • Padlock Bypassing
    • Shimming Attacks
    • Sesamee Bypassing
    • Unshielded Spiking
    • Magnetic Attacks
    • Overlifting Attacks
    • Actuator Cam Attacks
  • Door Lock Bypassing
    • Loiding
    • Adams Rite Deadlatches
    • Adams Rite Deadbolts
    • Under Door and Over Door Attacks
    • Panic Bar Attacks
    • Thumb Turn Tools
    • Rockwood Door Hardware Attacks
    • Hotel Door Attacks
    • Residential Door Attacks
  • Padlock and Door Lock Bypass Mitigations
  • Elevator Systems
  • Electronic Lock System Vulnerabilities
  • Universal Keys and Default Codes
  • Semi-Destructive and Kinetic Attacks

Students who complete this training course will gain a litany of tools, techniques, and procedures for effecting non-destructive entry into locked spaces and containers.  While first responders are often authorized to make forced entry during priority calls, having the option to proceed quietly and without damage is a valuable skill.  Saving property owners money and proceeding with a lower signature can benefit both the technician as well as the party in distress.

All participants in our Exigent Entry course are issued an equipment kit that is theirs to use during the class and retain after the course.  While the Fire & Rescue kit is slightly different from the Police kit (due to different situations each job is likely to present) both kits represent approximately $140 worth of tools and supplies.

Hardware Included:

  • Traveler Hook
  • Door Shims
  • Under Door Tool
  • Thumb Turner Tool
  • Shove Knife
  • Comb Pick
  • Mini Decoder
  • Jiggler Tools
  • Warded Picks
  • Bump Keys

Requirements and Prerequisites:

This course is restricted to Fire Service, EMS, and Paramedic personnel. Employment verification is required.

Some sessions are recorded and participating students may appear on-camera during the course.

Course Schedule

Date:              As Selected Above

NA Trainings: 10:00AM - 4:00PM

          (Including Coffee and Lunch Breaks)

Student Prerequisites

  • Webcam and Microphone