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Elements of Disguise On Site [2-Day Intensive]

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This unique 2 day course is one of a kind and will cover techniques utilized in both Hollywood and Clandestine services.
The skills taught in this course are invaluable to Elite Red Teamers, undercover operators, Law Enforcement, and private investigators.

All techniques are taught by professionals skilled in the clandestine arts of
disguise and appearance alteration. Students will learn how to develop pretexts and cultivate appearances that will be successful in hiding their identities. From there they will learn types of disguises and how to set up their subjects for deception.

All students will participate in exercises designed to teach them how to successfully alter their physical appearance including:

  • Hair
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Scar,
  • Injuries
  • Body art
  • Quick disguise
  • Full face masks

and more will be covered in great detail.

No prior knowledge is required, as this class will take you from the basics of makeup theory all the way to full body disguise.

Each student will be given a professional disguise makeup kit worth $800 which was custom developed for this class, which each student will keep.


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