Safe Lock Manipulation & Servicing: Mechanical Edition [2-Day]

Safe Lock Manipulation & Servicing: Mechanical Edition [2-Day]

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Time: 9:00AM - 5:00PM
(Including Coffee and Lunch Breaks)

Red Team Alliance has packaged this safe technician training course in two distinct modules. Day One focuses on installation, dialing, opening, changing the combination, and diagnosing problems with UL Group 2 mechanical safe dial combination locks. By the end of that day students will be able to completely disassemble and reassemble most mechanical dials in use today. Some non-invasive covert methods will also be discussed. Day Two illustrates the design weaknesses present in most mechanical combination locks and showcases how to methodically manipulate the wheels and components to recover a lock's combination and open a safe surreptitiously.

The majority of Day Two is spent on the meticulous process of safe lock manipulation, and most students are afforded the opportunity to work on multiple locks from various vendors in order to cement their new knowledge by means of a substantial length of dial time as certified safe technician instructors monitor their progress and afford guidance when necessary.

  1. Introduction
  2. Safe Design & Safe Ratings
  3. Mechanical Safe Lock Components and Function
  4. Operation
  5. Lunch Break
  6. Disassembly
  7. Servicing
  8. Reassembly
    1. Hands-On Lab: S&G 6700
    2. Hands-On Lab: LaGard 3330
  9. Manipulation Training
  10. Methodology & Process
  11. Specialized Tools
  12. Changing a Combination
  13. Common Default Combinations
  14. Manipulation Aids
    1. Hands-On Lab: Manipulation
  15. Exploration of Group 2M Locks
  16. Exploration of Group 1 Locks
  17. Autodialer Overview
  18. Electromechanical Lock Overview

Students who complete this course will be able to approach conventional mechanical safe locks and diagnose common problems, assist in the servicing and resetting of such locks, and install or upgrade components for customers. Furthermore, students who complete this training course will gain a deeper appreciation for the weaknesses present in many mechanical safe locks in use today and will understand the fundamental surreptitious attack process that is safe lock manipulation. Upon the conclusion of this class, students will have opened several of the most popular safe locks without the use of entry tools and without leaving forensic evidence of their attack.

Hardware Included:
  • Magnifying Lamp
  • Safe Lock Change Key
  • Hand Tools
  • Nylon Hammer
  • Four-Way Screwdriver
  • Traveler Hook
  • Spike Pick
  • Side Cutters
  • Technician's Portfolio and Binder
  • Safe Manipulation Worksheets
  • Safe Manipulation Aids

Requirements and Prerequisites:

Class is open enrollment to the public and no laptop or tools are required. Students are provided with all necessary hardware in class, much of which is theirs to keep.