Flipping Out About PACS - Applied Modern Hacking Tools and Techniques [1-Day]

Flipping Out About PACS - Applied Modern Hacking Tools and Techniques [1-Day]

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Some workshops, challenges, and modules being covered in this one day class will require a comprehensive understanding of how Physical Access Control Systems are designed, maintained, and operated. Students who have not previously taken the 2-Day PACS class from RTA (which is running the 2 days just prior to this training) *MUST* already demonstrate a high degree of proficiency with these systems. Topics covered in our PACS class will NOT be re-hashed in this course and students without preexisting experience may be unable to follow along on some exercises.

The people have spoken and Red Team Alliance has listened: This is the Access Control and Flipper workshop you've been waiting for.

This training complements our 2-Day RFID Physical Access Control System Hacking course with a new additional day focused on research with the Flipper Zero, a new generation of tools, and practical field techniques.

Participation will include hands-on practical experience with tools, exploits, and refined methods for compromising modern Physical Access Control Systems.

Workshop Curriculum for Day 3 (Specific Items May Be Adjusted)

  • Fundamental Hardware Hacking Concepts
  • Flipper Zero: The Modern Swiss Army Knife
  • NARD SAM: If you can't crack the combo, just take the whole safe!
  • Modern Downgrade Attacks: Making Rube Goldberg Proud
  • Target Hardware (TBD): Welcome To Your Playground
  • iButtons: Insecurity You Can Choke On
  • RF and SDR: Radio Catch and Release for Fun
  • Intro to Hardware Reverse Engineering
  • Group Activity: Identifying Components
  • Group Activity: Beginning Exploration
  • Student Activities and Solo Challenges

The Hardware Hacking Kit Includes:

  • NARD SAM: Designed by killergeek and bettse, this handy little expansion board allows your newly (or old-ly) acquired Flipper Zero to talk to up to two SIMs or SAMs! Why on earth would you want this? Probably because of the next inclusion.
  • Special Purpose Secure Element: Along with your shiny new NARD SAM we've gone ahead and secured a number of some super-handy secure elements that happen to be preloaded with some really useful secrets!
  • THE BLACK BOX*: Every student will get a practical, real-world example of security hardware that will serve as a learning platform! This will most likely be a hospitality safe but some finer details are still being worked out. There may be a game-time substitution for something even better! Either way, you won't be disappointed!

A Flipper Zero is required for participation! Students who are bringing their own Flipper Zero are not required to purchase one, but students should be prepared to backup and re-flash their Flipper if necessary!

This special training/workshop combo will be offered both virtually and on-site at the flagship RTA covert entry training facility in Las Vegas, NV. On-site seats will be limited so make sure to grab a spot early!

*The box may not be black and may not be a box.